Weekly Huddle

What is up fam! This is Levi, father of the Curlie 5! Since the start of Modest Modern Mom, Tany and I had discussed getting a blog going for the gents and or husband readers. After much consideration, we have decided to have that blog tied into Modest Modern Mom.

Heres  a little bit about me and us:

If  you haven’t figured it out by now, we are nondenominational Christian
We’ve been married for 9 beautiful years as of 2014 and have 5 incredible children.
Whom, thanks to the blog, have been given the nickname, The Curlies.
Our typical day is not so typical, our nights seem longer than most peoples nights, and our days…well, they have gotten shorter.
I work full time but love to be home. And when I get home the family is itching to get out….
The noise in our home is probably equatable to a lion roaring while using a jack hammer during a thunderstorm.
But there is nothing in this world that could lead me away from where God has called me to be.

I am excited to share my heart with you all, and look forward to the feedback!

Levi Tafoya
Hiking and Picnic2 (4 of 26)


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