How to remove paint from hardware (Chemical free)

A client and sweet friend of mine brought me this pepto pink desk and chair and wanted it refinished in a navy color. So of course I had to strip it down, sand it and then refinish in the desired color. She wanted to use the original hardware and we were going to paint it gold. Only problem was the pulls had been painted over and onto the desk drawers. So first we had to pry them off and then get to removing the two coats of paint. Its so much easier then you all may think. It doesn’t require any harsh chemicals or hard labor.

pepto cutie  (3 of 1)pepto desk  (3 of 8) pepto desk  (4 of 8)Here is what you will need: 1/4 cup baking soda 1 pot of water pepto desk  (5 of 8) Boil the water and then add the baking soda. Once fizzy, drop in the hardware and let soak for 1hr on low heat. Go and eat lunch, grab coffee or do what I did and paint the drawers 😉 Then come back and remove the hardware from the pot and dry off. pepto desk  (7 of 8) Take a small nylon scrubbing brush and gently remove the paint. It will be hard and flaky and should come off with a few strokes. pepto desk  (8 of 8)pepto desk  (9 of 8) The entire removal process (once soaked) took me a total of 5 minutes and then voila this is what you get! pepto desk  (10 of 8) Here is the entire piece finished. pepto desk  (3 of 2) Hope this tutorial helps in your DIY furniture restoration needs. Have fun! Until next time XOXO Tany

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