55 seconds and your eating this!

I was in desperate need of something sweet. The curlies were on another level of sassy this morning, I had a ton of work to be done and all I could thing about was eating something chocolate, pent butter, and warm. So I thought why not a mug cake. When I say it only took 55 seconds I by no means am exaggerating. JUST 55 SECONDS Y’ALL! So here is what you will need 1 medium or large egg 1/4 cup of confectioners sugar (powdered sugar) 2tbs of cocoa powder 1 standard sized mug Put all ingredients into the mug and whisk until all incorporated. Pop into the microwave for 55 seconds. Take out immediately (careful its HOT) and top with a small sprinkle of chocolate chips and of peanut butter chips. If you are a cream cheese lover like I am. The add a dollop of cream cheese and once the chocolate chips and peanut butter chips start to melt mix the toppings until they look swirly and enjoy! pick me up (1 of 1) Thats it folks! Hope you give this quick and yummy, recipe a try and if you do tell me what you think in the comments! XOXO Tany


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