Oh what a journey it has been…..

It has been such a long time since we last met here on the ModestModernMom Blog and I thought a little catching up would be nice. To let you all know I am still alive and very much miss blogging but had to take a step back as life began to get a little bit crazy. Well life is always crazy it just seems it was a little more than usual 😉 When I first sat down to write this little update I was going to write about how all was well and how we have just been insanely busy with our many endeavors. But really that just isn’t the truth. Yes we have been busy with our new business Tanryelle Designs and keeping up with all that it entails in addition to homeschooling our clan and attempting to keep up with every day life. Truth is We have been drug through the ringer these past few months with two pretty scary medical diagnosis and depression to follow. Now I know it is so taboo to talk about depression and is a topic that I have found in my recent bout with it to be silent. People just do not openly speak about depression and if they do everyone around them seems to either over compensate or run away. Its a tricky issue to try and approach. Before we dive into all of that let me first touch on just how I got here.

It was July 3rd, almost midnight and I had just gotten home from taking my baby sister and her husband to the E.R. (he had a dash in his hand but is okay now) Levi had asked me to bring home a soda not anticipating I would be out so long. When I arrived home he was asleep and the T.V was on. I turned off the T.V and gently tapped his shoulder and whispered “hey babe, I’m home. I brought you a soda” He woke up and looked at me and then sat up to ask me how mike was and in the middle of his sentence started ceasing. I panicked and didn’t know what to do. It freaked me out and in all honesty my first thought was “quit playing!” He wasn’t playing. This was real. He had never had a seizure before. Within the next few days we went to see our PCP and then had an MRI and within two weeks a diagnosis. Those two weeks were the longest two weeks of my life (or so I thought) He was later diagnosed with pituitary adenoma (growth in his pituitary gland on his brain). Also was diagnosed with complex partial seizures and chronic migraines. All of which have nothing to do with each other. Just doctors finding stuff we never knew was taking place. As quick as that diagnosis came so did our life change. It no longer was centered around homeschooling our five beautiful children, blogging, YouTube, and our new business. It was now solely focused on getting Levi back to pristine health. We were watching what we ate, paying closer attention to every little tick, twitch, and migraine he had, and praying like crazy for the LORD to dissolve the mass that was growing inside of his brain. Just as we started to accept what was happening in our life, the unthinkable happened…..

It was a crazy weekend filled with dinners, parties, and tons of clean up 😉 I had a strange monthly that caused me to have an extremely heavy flow. I woke up a Sunday morning, and went to get up to get ready for church just like always, except for this time I was extremely dizzy. So Levi decided to take me in to our local E.R and have me checked out. I was poked, prodded, hooked-up and drawn-out, and at the end of it all it was an ultrasound that revealed an unknown mass growing on my ovary. It was thought to have been a lipoma but later tests and rapid growth would show that it was indeed a tumor. Yep, you read that right, a tumor. So now not only was my hubby battling his own health issues, but so was I. I have had crazy symptoms like, depression, loss of appetite, random bruising, and my all time favorite, loss of energy. SIKE! I hate this almost as much as I loathe the depression. For months I had wondered just what was causing me to go down this slippery slope and so many around me had no idea that anything was wrong with me on the emotional side at all. (I’m kind of good at hiding that sort of thing) Not cool at all.

So here we are both in the midst of a final prognosis. Praising the Lord that brain surgery is not needed for Levi at this time and praying feverishly that when the surgeons go in to remove this ovarian mass it doesnt prove to be cancerous.

So now we are all caught up and I am prepared to take you all with me on my journey beating this depression and through the journeys ahead of us as we both battle our medical challenges. Even in the midst of so much pain and heartache our GOD remains good, and is day-by-day seeing us down this path. When you think of us, pray for us, and we look forward to keeping positive minds and joyful hearts, taking it one day at a time.

Without a doubt, the year 2014, has been one filled with much heartache and many blessings and I can only pray that this new year will be amazingly intentional, filled with blessings, and good health for my family and for each and everyone of you!

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:7

Until next time my loves

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year




4 thoughts on “Oh what a journey it has been…..

  1. I was diagnosed with an ovarian tumor my senior year of high school after a couple of ER visits (my symptom was horrible pain as it had caused the ovary to flip/twist over on itself). Even though it was almost 6 years ago, I remember it all too well and how scary it was waiting on those results after having to have surgery to remove whatever was left of the ovary on that side.

    Sounds like quite the rough time though. Just wanted to tell you I’ll be thinking and praying about you guys and that everything will hopefully work out for the best.

  2. Tany, thanks for sharing your trials with all of us. I was feeling a little depressed myself awhile back–just 58 and having lived a very healthy life, eating the right foods, and being in excellent health, I never imagined I would have a heart attack. I realized that it doesn’t matter what age we are, while we are in this world–Jesus said we are going to have tribulations.

    I am beginning to find my way out of my own sadness–having lost an active and vibrant life and now very limited on what I can eat, and do. I am confident that you and Levi will also find your way out of this difficult time.

    In the end, the Lord will be faithful to us all and in a very short time we will finally all be home–living in our perfect bodies that will never grown old, get sick, or die. We will see our Jesus face to face and live in the perfection of His kingdom forever.

    Until that time, we just have to trust Him that He knows about all our physical suffering and He has solutions for us. He has a good end intended and there are many blessings ahead for us.

    Love you very much!

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