Project Nursery III – Nursery Revealed!

Hello my loves,

It has been far too long since I have written to you all – or blogged at all. There have been many changes happening around the Tafoya Clan casa. Some good, some not so great, and many fantastic! We have been uber busy with our latest venture Tanryelle Designs If you follow us on FB then you already know what that is. For those of you who do not, it is our new interior design and furniture restoration business. I have been busy posting all of my latest restoration projects, DIY’s and interior design projects over on that site and would love for you all to come and check it out. No worries though, blogging is still my first love and it is my hope to encourage other parents out there as well as shed some light into REAL life as a mom of 5 – So without further ado. The Nursery –

If you all remember in our blog post about the crib and dresser refinish we did here ( a few months back) well this is project nursery part III and now we are finally finished with it! YAY!

nursery2 replace 22-7812 - Copynursery2 replace 22-7813 - Copynursery2 replace 22-7815 - Copy

nursery2 replace 22-7816 - Copynursery2 replace 22-7818 - Copynursery2 replace 22-7821 - Copy

nursery2 replace 22-7822 - Copynursery2 replace 22-7823 - Copynursery2 replace 22-7824 - Copynursery2 replace 22-7827 - Copynursery2 replace 22-7826 - Copynursery2 replace 22-7828 - Copy

nursery2 replace 22-7831 - Copynursery2 replace 22-7833

nursery2 replace 22-7835nursery2 replace 22-7836nursery2 replace 22-7837nursery2 replace 22-7838nursery2 replace -7800
nursery (1 of 2) nursery (2 of 2)

Thanks for stopping by!
Until Next Time


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