Project Nursery Part II (The Crib)

Hey Dolls,

I am so excited to share with you this weeks DIY. We focused in on the single most important piece of furniture to go into any nursery and that is, The Crib.

When we found out we were pregnant with baby curly, we had just gotten rid of all of our baby possessions, assuming that our family was complete. Well God had other plans and we were now in need of EVERYTHING.

Some sweet friends of ours all rounded up all of the baby essentials for us and one friend gifted us her crib she used for her two baby boys. Being that her family was now complete, she no longer needed it and it was absolutely perfect!


It was definitely well-loved and needed a little TLC and sanding. It was a beautiful piece and incredibly sturdy. We were so blessed and I must admit there is something about a piece like this that sparks the creative “bunny” inside of me and makes me want to refinish and remodel every room in my house, but for now I just stuck to the crib.


For the crib we used the same materials as the dresser and that was the Annie Sloan “Paris Grey” chalk paint and her clear soft wax. We used a low grit sanding block to sand off some of the teeth marks and an electric sander for some of the deeper grooves and blemishes.


If you remember in last weeks post I was able to complete the dresser in 2 1/2 hours. That was cleaning the piece, first coat of paint, second coat, and waxing the entire thing. Was amazing time and I had it all set up and ready to go by nightfall. Well that was certainly not the case with the crib.

First we sanded it. Which took about 5 minutes. Not too bad there.


Then we began to paint, starting with the inside of the crib first and working our way out. The first two coats on the inside took one hour, and then another hour to paint two coats on the outside of the crib. Then another 45 minutes to wax the entire crib. Clearly I didn’t take into consideration the fact that I was going to have to go in and out, and up and down all of the little crevices, and corners in-between each bar of the crib. In the end it was all worth it, and after distressing and one more coat of wax I was in love with the finished project. When all was said and done I spent about 3 1/2 hours on the crib. Which in reality is not too shabby for a refinishing project like this.

I absolutely love it!
Haydens Crib  (6 of 6) Haydens Crib  (5 of 6) Haydens Crib  (4 of 6) Haydens Crib  (3 of 6) Haydens Crib  (1 of 6)Haydens Crib  (2 of 6)

Thank you all for stopping by and I will see you all back here next week as we get into Part III of project nursery.

Until next time,


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