A sweet momma and her boy ~

Hey Dolls,

If you are a regular here, at the ModestModernMom blog, then you will remember my photo shoot I shared with my sweet friend, Emily, of Emily Joy Photography. If not, click here, to get caught up. That same day I was allowed the opportunity to practice my photography skills on her and her little guy, August. Boy what a fun time I had and loved the moments I was able to capture of this gorgeous momma and her charming little guy. It went as smooth as a photo shoot could possibly go with a 2 year old, and I was impressed by his photogenic attributes and his comfortability with a camera in his face. I guess that’s to be expected with the child of a photographer. Nevertheless, each shot was nothing short of amazing, and I just love how you can see their sweet bond through these photos. Emily is one of my sweetest friends and a truly beautiful momma, both inside and out. Not to mention an amazing photographer! Be sure to check out her FB page, here, for more from this lovely lady.
Emily and August10 Emily and August9 Emily and August8 Emily and August7 Emily and August6 Emily and August5 Emily and August3 Emily and August  Emily and August Emily and August 1Emily and August -2 Emily and August-2

I was so grateful for the opportunity to shoot such an amazing photographer, and I’ll admit, a little intimidated as well. I definitely look forward to more in the future and am excited to be behind the lens this go round.

Until next time,




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