For the love of the Kitty



Hey Dolls,

It’s been a short while since I have caught up with you all on the crazy, fun deets of the Tafoya Clan home. April and May are super busy months for us as we have 4 birthdays back to back, as well as a few of our siblings birthdays in between them all. So we consume a lot of cake in these few months, and have many parties and little productivity elsewhere. Last month we celebrated Mimi’s birthday as she turned 7! Wow! I cannot believe how fast time flies and I probably never will. Each year that my curlies grow older I feel the need to create even more memories before it is time to send them out of the nest. I am a huge sop, and cry as I reflect on how little they once were, then register that they are still little, and we have the opportunity to enjoy each stage and phase we enter.

Mimi, being the little diva princess she is, decided over a year ago that she wanted a Hello Kitty birthday party. I cannot begin to tell you how annoyed I am by this little, animated feline and her appearances she seems to make in every retail, big box, or small establishment we enter. Mimi has loved the kitty for quite some time now and never fails to point her out wherever we are. She was over the moon as we shopped for, planned, and decorated for her big day! She couldn’t help but squeal with cute, little girl laughter, as we picked out the “purrrfect” party decor. She insisted that we tell everyone she loves Hello Kitty, and would like nothing but the kitty on her special day, and that is what she received.

But before we get into all of the super fun deets of her party. Lets start with her actual birthday. It is tradition in our home that you be surprised with birthday pancakes in bed and being woken up to the happy birthday song, sung by the entire clan.

IMG_3711 IMG_3714 IMG_3718 IMG_3738 IMG_3736 IMG_3724

Mimi was very keen on having a date with mommy and daddy on her birthday and requested we dine at the rainforest café for her special day. She did how ever make an exception for baby curly to tag along. We had a super sweet time on our date with our little princess.

IMG_3757 IMG_3758 IMG_3764 IMG_3770 IMG_3775 IMG_3792 IMG_3793 IMG_3801


To get the day started the entire family decided to surprise me with breakfast in bed for my birthday. Being that Mimi’s party was the day after my birthday, wanted to give me a sweet surprise. A sweet moment I will cherish forever. I just love my family

IMG_4317 IMG_4310






Despite the retail annoyance, we had a super fun time planning her party with her. I most enjoyed the decorating and baking. I am that crazy mom who will bake a 100 cake pops, cupcakes, cookies, and hand make decorations (with my super awesome hubby of course) for one of my curlies’ big day. Birthdays are a big deal in our home and we celebrate them accordingly. Each year is a blessing and we want to remember each and every day that they find important. With my hubby’s creative and artistic abilities, and my love of baking, we pulled off the ultimate Hello Kitty event sure to wow any kitty loving 7-year-old girl.

IMG_4060 IMG_4058 IMG_4052



IMG_4087 Her desserts were endless and we had a ton of fun making them together as a family ❤IMG_4103IMG_4108


IMG_4046                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       This lovely cake was made by my sweet friend over at Whiskful thinker! She did such a good job and it was absolutely delicious!

You can find her at and check out all of the amazing cakes and other sugary creations she has made =)

Mimi gave away party favors that the kiddos could go home and do with their parents. I absolutely love them! We made cookie kits in a jar and planter kits with various summer vegetable seeds

IMG_4069 IMG_4071 IMG_4063 IMG_4062


IMG_4497These balloon chandeliers were so cute and super easy to make. They made for the perfect accessory to such a fun and colorful party =)


So for the love of the Kitty, and our love of the Mimi, here are some sweet moments from her special day.

We had a photo booth and Isaiah seemed to take over the props haha!
IMG_4426 IMG_4420 IMG_4412 IMG_4389 IMG_4387 IMG_4093 IMG_4091

So many sweet friends and family showed up to help us celebrate. It was a sweet time for sure. I only wish I had gotten more photos of everyone.

IMG_4138 IMG_4157 IMG_4296IMG_4126IMG_4163 IMG_4179 IMG_4183 IMG_4187 IMG_4190 IMG_4195 IMG_4432

And finally a Tafoya Clan tradition. On your birthday, each year, you must get “caked” and Big sissy Shia did the honors this go round =)

IMG_4246 IMG_4253 IMG_4252 IMG_4254 IMG_4258

Ro ro (our family friend) even joined in on the “caking” fun       


Thank you all for stopping by and I promise to catch up more often 😉

Until next time,





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