Back to Normal

Hey there Dolls,

How is everyone doing? I hope well and in great spirits!

Last week, as many of you may know, I was left home alone just baby curly and I by day and daddy joined us by night. It was a splendid week indeed and much-needed for myself, daddy Tafoya and the curlies. It is amazing what a week of refreshing can do. I woke up this morning feeling like I could conquer all and accomplished so much. It has been months since I have actually completed a “check list” and I must admit, it feels good getting so much done. Today was a total success and everyone was back to their normal selves. We had a full day. Packed full with homeschooling, longs walks, time at the park and everything in between. IMG_2958
I even had captain underpants and a member of fantastic four pay me a visit. The boys were so funny and even wore their get ups while picking weeds in the front yard and to our local gas station.IMG_2997 IMG_3000
Haydie of course was elated to have her siblings home. She laughed and cooed as they ran through the house playing and rare was there a fussy fit with them back in her world. They all loved on her and made sure to play with her and give her tons of kisses as they went about their day.IMG_2946 IMG_3087

We had episodes of a half a bottle of jergens body lotion plastered in a curlies hair and tons of silly moments to be had with daddy. Yep my life is back to normal and I more than missed it. Some may call it crazy but I call this amazing and love every minute of it.

IMG_3009 IMG_3024 IMG_3018 IMG_3013

So often we as mothers will take on the world and we get so caught up in our day-to-day that we forget to allow others to step in and offer a helping hand. So many times have I been offered a baby sitter for a night out with the hubby or for time away from my sweet curlies to refresh and renew. Rarely do I take them, for fear of neglecting my babies needs or becoming a mother who cares more about her personal time than the needs and special time spent with my loved ones. I have to remind myself that it is okay to take time for my self and time away from my babies is good for EVERYONE. The kiddos get a much-needed break and time of spoiling from grandparents and us parents get the break we need to be the best we can for the next 6 months or so. Let the grandparents spoil the kiddos from time to time and remember to take time out for your self as well. If you burn out, then you are no good to anyone. So go out on that date with your hubby, take an extra 20 minutes for your bubble bath and do not be afraid to let your babies go.  Sometimes we all just need a little boost in the right direction to lift our spirits and let us know that we’re doing OK.

Until next time loves




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