Wow! So much has gone on since we last met, and it only gets better from here. Life as a mommy, to five curlies, is finally starting to get a rhythm to it. Of course we dance to the beat of our own drum around these parts and our schedule, in no way, looks like the average American family today, but it is ours and we love it!

As many of you may know, if you follow us on YouTube or Facebook, baby curly is 6 months now! YAY! Our girl is growing, maturing, and learning at rapid rates and life is beginning to become somewhat of a breeze with her in it. Baby Haydie is still nursing every 2 hours, which doesn’t bother me as much, seeing as to how baby wearing makes this busy mommas life so much easier. I wear her pretty much all morning long and parts of the afternoon, with exception to diaper changes. This makes getting household chores, homeschooling, and everything else much more doable. While being wrapped, Haydie is able to nurse and nap! I am also able to nap with her wrapped to me, and everyone is happy. I am totally into that “attachment parenting” thing and wouldn’t have it any other way. She has been teething and this has been interesting, as she doesn’t really complain too much, but definitely has her days where she just needs to nurse and nurse and nurse to soothe her ever-changing gums. No matter how many tiny sweeties I have had, I am still blown away by how quickly these tiny tots grow. She went from being my squished, squirmy, little bundle to a baby who very much loves to move around, sits up attempting to crawl and holding conversations in her little baby way. She says mama and dada now and my heart is overjoyed every time she stretches out her tiny arms for me to pick her up. You can see so much more about her here, in our latest YouTube video. ***Warning extreme cases of cuteness are to be seen and over indulgence may occur 😉

Avery, my baby boy curly, is becoming quite the little man. He has a voice and makes sure it is heard. His vocabulary has jumped leaps and bounds and he is not afraid to tell you how he feels. As most of you know he is our free-spirited child and flows with the wind. One day he is a cowboy and the next he is Darth Vader. He likes to wear his wetsuit, cowboy boots, and his Dino beanie wherever he goes and has no issue with sneaking biscottis, cookies, and cupcakes, that are placed in high, hard to reach places. He will simply balance his tiny toes on the cabinet doors and get what he needs. When you ask him if he had snuck another sweet, sugary treat, he will proudly say “yes”. He is obsessed with the letter A which is the first letter of his name and identifies it every where we go. He loves the colors green and blue, and can’t get enough of Thomas the Train. When we last talked about my tiny fire cracker it was in reference to his constant streaking. Every time I turned around, had guests over, or opened the front door, out came my naked baby boy as free as a bird and not worried about what anyone had to say or thought. That has changed a wee bit now and he will not have anyone seeing him in his nudity but will totally run outside barefoot and in his Captain America chonies (“underwear” for my non-spanish speaking peeps). He is finally sleeping in his own bed each night and it has been bittersweet for both myself and daddy Tafoya.

Our Zay, curlie #3, has decided he loves hockey and cannot wait to start playing. So we are soon to be parents of a hockey player. Of course this household would not be true to the Tafoya name without wrestling in it and he has learned the art of takedowns quite beautifully. I just love watching him and my husband tussle around and him learning the tricks of the trade from his daddy. As his 6th birthday approaches he has big plans for this year and what he wants to accomplish. All of that including a trip to Disneyland, building (out of Legos) my hubby and I a new home, and learning to read faster than his big sis Shia.

Mimi’s 7th birthday is just 2 weeks away and she of course has had the entire thing planned for over a year. I have had a lot of fun helping her plan, and cannot wait to see it all come together. She is quite the independent individual and has very precise ways of doing everything. I admire her hard work and dedication in everything that she does. She is definitely a dreamer and whatever she sets her little heart on she will make sure it happens. She has a big heart and teaches me how to show love and mercy daily. Something I often need. ~The other day it was the sweetest thing! She went to the kitchen table, sat down with some construction paper and crayons, and decided to write some words of encouragement for me. I cried from the sweetness of it all and was reminded of just how much the simple things in life are all that we need and thanked the LORD for my sweet blessings.

Our sweet Shia, the one who started it all, is growing to fast for me to contain and I want to freeze every single moment with her. In just 1 1/2 years she will be in the double digits (10). I am often reminded by our conversations together and her mature personality, to cherish each day I have left with her as a child, and to keep our lines of communication healthy, thriving, and open. She is more than just my oldest, biggest helper, and sweet baby girl, but also one of my best friends. Of course I am always a mother first and then friend, but I can talk with my sweetie, pray with her and even get her advice on outfit ideas. Right now her goals are to figure skate in the Winter Olympics, go to college to become a pediatric surgeon, and become a fashion designer (while in college) to help her pay her way through. I intend to help her achieve every single one of her goals.

I am more than proud of my sweet babies but what makes me most proud about each and everyone of them is their hearts for Jesus. The older three definitely have there own relationship with Him and nothing joys my heart more than to “catch” them in prayer or overhear their conversations about the Lord with one another.

I, by no means, am a perfect parent. Through my children I am shown my imperfections each day. No matter how many children you have, you never really have it “all figured out” and there is always room to learn and grow. I am enjoying this season of growth as the Lord has used my babies continuously to refine me in so many ways.

So in the spirit of my babies growing so fast and wanting to capture every single moment – We did a very fun themed photo shoot with Zeffler photo and I couldn’t be more pleased with how these turned out and I am excited to share them with you all today.

Thank you all so much for reading. I am blessed by each and everyone of my followers!

Until next time!



Catching up!

2 thoughts on “Catching up!

  1. YOU my dear are quite possibly one of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. I loved your 6 month update vid! I liked and followed but Youtube is being a jerk and wouldn’t let me comment… *sigh* I am so glad to hear that you narrowed it down to a dairy allergy but I am crying on the inside for you. : / the things we give up for our loved ones! (I legit could never give up cheese no matter why I needed to give it up) Sounds like your family is just as amazing as ever! I love seeing your little daily updates about the curlies 🙂 As for your weight loss group and challenges, well that my dear we need to have a conversation about. I’ve been a member of a support group for 16 months now and they are the best thing to happen to me. They don’t ask much of you and it’s all up to you to share your personal goals/milestones/victories etc. I absolutely love the group 🙂 if you haven’t heard of them, check ’em out! They’re on FB and I’ll send you an invite to like their page! (from there you can join the “closed to the friends/public eye” support page on FB where we all ask for motivation and help and share our stories ❤ I love ya and I'm so glad to see how happy you are and how awesome your kiddos are doing! (oh and your little one must take after me. I HATE avocados!!!!!)

    • Oh my goodness how weird YouTube wouldn’t allow you to comment. Hopefully they fixed whatever was going on.

      Thank you so much lady! You are so awesome and such an encouragement to me. I absolutely love my accountability group it is just the recording of my meals and calorie counting that I didn’t care for.

      You hate avocados?! They are the single most delicious food on this planet and compliment almost everything! At least thats what I think lol

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