Do you have a social media addiction? Getting back to the heart of life.


If you have been following my blog for awhile you know that a few months back, just before we had our 5th curlie, I started a 30 day media fast (challenge) I actually did pretty well during this challenge, but quickly fell back into old habits after baby was born. I since have had this overwhelming feeling that I am over exposing my personal life to the point where, I cannot simply hang out with a group of friends or take my babies to the park without making a Facebook post about it.As my husband would say “Is nothing sacred?” Meaning the world does not need to know what incredible meal I cooked for dinner, or how many cool and awesome things I do with my children.

Now I do aim to inspire and not show off, but sometimes it can come off like the latter and that is when we have a problem.

I often get frustrated when talking to a person and it is hard to converse with them or get that real,true, interaction because they are either on their phone texting or on some social media site. It is actually one of my biggest pet peeves, yet ironically enough I do it to the ones I love most. My husband, children, family and friends. It is outright rude and shows just how disconnected I can be from real life. What is happening online with EVERYONE else’s lives or even the self absorption of my own life, has given me, like so many others, a false reality and ridiculous expectations. Often we see the “super moms” showing off the billion places they have gone with their children, amazing meals cooked, things crafted or sewn and the hours they have spent on their SAHB or career. Or we see our friends or acquaintances going on amazing vacations, buying or selling homes or cars and so on and so forth. Next thing you know, you are trying to live up to these false realities, that yes, these people may be doing these things but very rarely do we post the real life stuff, like pictures of our messy homes, or that dinner we burned the other night, or that we are struggling financially etc. We only put out our very best, most polished, amazing happenings  of our lives and sending out a false reality. In addition to that we become so obsessed with taking that perfect picture or making sure we look just right that we become disconnected from the real world. We are living to please people and receive likes, comments, shares, and rates from people we hardly know instead of being the best we can in the real world. Being present for every moment with our loved ones, each and every day. Enjoying that time we finally have alone to spend with the Lord in sweet meditation on His word and truly getting refreshed. Actually enjoying every moment of the time at the park with your kids, your trip to disneyland, that cruise you went on, or the movie you’re watching without having to worry about posting, tweeting, or hashtagging it. To truly be in the moment and live a REAL authentic life. You know the kind of living we all did before social media came through and swept us off our feet and onto our sofas (for what sometimes seems like hours on end) and took our focus off what is true and real living. I have also seen the total opposite, where instead of sharing some pretty amazing things, they become completely negative and complain about their marriages, bully people they would never bully in the real world, or pick fights on forums, when in reality they would have been more polite in the given circumstance. It is so disheartening to see.

To think we live in a world where we have a security system, passcode, and protection service for just about everything. Yet we have no problem putting our most dearest pictures of our loved ones plastered for the world to see, or we vlog about our day to day lives, without worrying about that creeper who, without your knowledge, has been stalking you for the past year. We do all of these things freely yet we will not even invite that new member at church over for dinner, but we will run home and request to be their friend on Facebook.

I say its high time we get back to true living, making real connections with people face-to-face and living out our lives truly to the fullest and no longer create for ourselves this almost fairytale world. Now I am not blogging about this to bash social media and say that it is all bad. I am however pointing out an unknown (for most) addiction we all have to it and just how unhealthy it is.

I have said it before and will say it again. I am a social media queen, I vlog on YouTube, I browse Pinterest, hashtag on Instagram and Twitter and share on Facebook. I am guilty of putting only my very best out there and in the past, being a debby-downer as well. I do believe that a ton of good can be put on these sites and have witnessed a lot of greatness come from them. I, however, have lost a bit of self-control and am needing to, once again, take a step back from it all. I want to have more memories with those I love stored in my heart and my mind than I have facebook posts. I want to have dinner with friends on a regular basis and not feel like I need to post about it. I want to go on trips, accomplish great things and reach new heights in life without bragging about it to the world. I want to get back to the place I used to be, and once again die to self, and take up my cross. Truly live a life focused on Christ, and not what I “think” I have going for myself. I am grateful for this awakening at 25, realizing something I wish would have happened years ago. I am not abandoning all social media; this is not a strike or a boycott. This is simply a personal journey to get back to the heart of life and live each day in the real world, living on purpose, and enjoying each day I am blessed to see. A journey to become more private and a bit more selfish with my sweet babies, and less giving of moments that are meant to be cherished by me and those I love. What better time for a realization to come like this than upon the celebration of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s birth. Focusing my heart on Jesus and not this world. I am excited! Thank you to everyone who has been an encouraging and uplifting friend in my life. No worries I am not going anywhere, but there will be a lot less of me and my personal life out there for the world to see on a weekly basis.

Remember: no one, not a single person on this earth is perfect, nor do they live a perfect life by any definition. So when you are scrolling through your news feeds do not envy or strive to get things, or do things that you see other people doing. You do not know the struggle behind it all. Be grateful for where the Lord has you now, and enjoy your blessings to the fullest, in contentment of it all.

Thanks so much for reading

Blessings, XOXO



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