30 Day Squat Challenge

Hey there Dolls,

It’s December! Wow! This year sure did fly by fast! If you didn’t already know, I am on my postpartum weight loss journey and it has been a bit of a struggle with the Holidays and my love of baking combined. Throw those two together with a mom who is just off of bed rest and rediscovered her freedom and you have a recipe for weight loss disaster. Somehow,  I am doing okay with this whole thing and am seeing the inches drop each month at a steady pace and that is all a girl could ask for.Truly I have no intentions of depriving myself of Christmas goodies in any way, shape, form, or fashion. I will take them in moderation however. Bonus for me is, I am nursing and burning calories like a mad woman! Its AWESOME!


In addition to walking with my baby strapped on and some light cardio I am now beginning my 30 day squat challenge and am inviting all of you to join in with me. It’s simple really. You do 50 the first day, 55 the next, 60 the third day and then rest on the fourth and so on and so forth until you reach 30 days. I will be documenting my personal journey both here, on Facebook and on my YouTube channel. So be sure to like and follow both sites and leave me your comments on how you are doing should you decide to join in the fun!

Until Next Time
Happy Squatting!
-Tany –

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