Our doctor suggested we abort ….

So this has been on my heart and I just have to share,

4 years ago Levi and I went to the doctor just for two standard check ups. We had the whole nine yards done, blood test and all. They even gave me a pregnancy test just in case. Out of that appointment we found out a few things we weren’t aware of like, levi has a heart that beats to slow and I have one that beats too fast lol Hmmm God was up to something there 😉 Also we found out we were pregnant and had no idea. Wasn’t the first time we had that kind of news as this was our 5th pregnancy after a very hard miscarriage prior. When the doctor realized we were not trying to get pregnant and thought we had enough kids already with the 3 who were sitting in the office with us, he suggested to us that we get an abortion. He said “this is the last thing you need is another child” I was appalled and so was my husband. I quickly grabbed levi’s hand in hopes he wouldn’t deck the doctor who suggested such a thing. Abort our sweet baby? Whom yes we were not ready for at that moment, nonetheless it was our sweet love child and already a beloved member of our family. Needless to say we did not take his advice and kindly withdrew ourselves from his services altogether. I couldn’t help but wonder how many other sweet parents had he given this unsolicited advice to? That someone who wasn’t even there for that kind of service, just a regular checkup, leaves with the most disgusting advice one could give. He just casually threw it out there as if the newly found life that was growing inside of me was as disposable as my lunches paper wrapping. Not even allowing us a chance to digest that yes we are about to be parents again or even allow us to experience the joy that can come with finding out such news. Suggesting that having a family of more than 2 kids was just wrong and outside of our capabilities of handling. I truly pray for all of the physicians in todays world who offer these services to women and pray for all of the precious babies who’s parents are even contemplating such a thing today. It has become a disease in our country and is infecting the minds of our youth. It is time we start treating innocence as just that and no longer wrongly and freely hand out the death sentence to someone who hasn’t even had a chance to live their life yet.
I am a huge believer in adoption and believe that is one of the most selfless expressions of love. There are so many people in this world who cannot have children and are praying everyday for the child that they will be blessed with. If anything suggest that Mr. Physician. Instead of ending a life, gift it. Bless someone else with the joy of raising a child to love and call their own.

Long story short we did not get an abortion nor did we ever plan to and as a result of that we now have our amazingly sweet baby boy Avery whom has just celebrated his 3rd birthday. He is an incredible big brother to our newest curlie Hayden and the funny bone for the entire family.

View More: http://emilyjoyphotography.pass.us/tafoya-family                                             View More: http://photos.pass.us/hayden-brielle
I want to encourage all of you sweet parents out there who have stopped having children in fear of what people will say, or how the world will view you. If it is your desire to have a big family, go for it! Small or large all children are a gift and not one person on this earth has the right to tell you when, where, and how you should have your children. Follow Jesus, not man. We are not put on this earth to impress others and every life that is sent here is a gift and a blessing. The bible says “Blessed is the man that has many children” Psalm 127:5  It also says that “children are a gift from God” Psalm 127:3.  God bless all of the children on this earth born, and unborn alike. From conception to birth I pray for these sweet babies.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time.





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