Positive Outlook

“Words can never adequately convey the incredible impact of our attitudes toward life. The longer I live the more convinced I become that life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we respond to it”-Chuck Swindoll-

Last week has been bitter sweet, it has been a perfect mixture of let downs and good news that it literally was “bitter sweet”.  I have experienced a whirlwind of emotions all in one week, and no, it’s not just the pregnancy hormones. Somehow my mind stayed positive and my heart optimistically at peace. I credit none other than my JESUS for that. I must say, to focus on the good in every situation is the only way to make it from day to day. Especially in a world with so much negativity.

So last week we had yet another appointment with my perinatal doctor. I am so very proud of my curlies! I had all four in tow and they were so well behaved I almost cried (now that might have been the hormones at work). I packed their lunches, iced their water bottles, and filled a bag with toys and books to keep them entertained in the, ever-so-dreaded, waiting room! I was pleasantly surprised when only 10 minutes after I arrived I was called back and my appointment in progress. Although it was a little awkward having the kiddos in for such a personal exam, it was very sweet to see their little reactions to baby on the screen.

Now for the news we’ve all been waiting for! My cervix is good and long, and I am not at all dilated! Yippie! The orders from the doc were… wait for it…. BED REST!! AHH! There is no worse news you can give a mother of 4 than bed-rest! I am not too excited about it but it beats the alternative of hormone injections, cerclages, and bed-rest all combined. I am happy and blessed that it is nothing worse and all I have to do is seriously “take it easy” . When ever I say that, I get a picture of my self sitting pool side, with a huge glass of cranberry juice, under the shade. Instead I am in my half packed home, with four rambunctious little ones running a muck. It’s a bit, well, interesting form of relaxation. I am learning to delegate from my bed.

On our way home from the appointment our family van decided it had seen its final days and broke down right as we were turning into our neighborhood. Thankfully I was able to coast all the way to the curb of my house. Thank you LORD! We were so excited we made it home, we literally grabbed all of our things and ran for the front door. So we are now on a home hunt and a van hunt.

Our home search went seemingly well last week and we thought we found a home that was right for us. When all was said and done, its not the home GOD had for us and we are still on the search. There are 3 homes in particular I am excited about and am hoping one of them is a perfect fit. Stay tuned as the Tafoya Home search is to be continued…….

Being without a vehicle has hindered our traveling abilities and I was a bit let down to have to miss out on so much the next few weeks. Thankfully some sweet friends and my baby sister, have been assisting us with rides here and there until we can figure this whole car hullabaloo out. In every bad situation we have had some pretty sweet blessings come out of them.

Now the greatest news of all, this past week is….. Avery is potty trained! YAY! No hard work from mommy this go-round. He just decided he wanted to pee in the potty, and then that turned into poop in the potty, and now we have a day and night trained little 2 year old. Talk about perfect timing this one ditched the diapers just in time for baby to arrive. What is even more exciting than the training was watching just how elated and proud Avery was of himself when he finally did it. He was dancing all through the house singing  “Avery pooped in the potty, Avery pooped in the potty” That image is burned into my memory and I am so happy to have it.

No matter what life throws your way, stay positive, do not allow your situation to negatively impact who you are. Let your light shine even brighter, because as we know light only gets brighter when the surroundings are dark.


  • We are 7 months! Woo hoo! Finish line here we come!
  • Avery is potty trained! Happy dance

7 Months YAY!

I’m Potty trained! Hallelujah!

IMG_20130615_230112 IMG_20130615_230023

The boys learn to cook pancakes! This cooking lesson was tons of fun!






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