The word “NO”

Hey Dolls,

So this past week wasn’t so bad. I had an awesome time cooking with my kids, dancing with my husband, and even got a few things packed. I also made home-made butter! WHAT?!  Weeks like these are rare, but they do happen. Oh, but wait, there was that one incident… Well, I’ll just tell you how it really went…

Ever wondered just what is it that makes a two year old tick? Well for mine it’s the word “no”. I find myself getting creative in the ways I tell him no, such as, “not today” or “not right now” but using the simple word “no” will throw him into a full fledged tantrum that even his siblings cannot handle. I find it hilarious actually that my older three will sneak him cookies, candies, and even my coffee just to keep him content. I, in no way, condone this behavior and they all get in trouble for doing it, but I cannot help but laugh when I catch them doing it.

They are not always assisting each other like this, believe me! There is constant bickering and disputes going on in this household. One thing my curlies love to do, is mock! They mock Levi and I, but mostly each other. They all get a laugh out of doing it and all get upset when it’s being done to them. It’s quite comical really, especially when Avery(2) does it to us. My boys can be the best of friends and then they can have a serious wrestling match in a flash. Last week Avery was asking for almond milk (boy does he love it). I was telling him, “just a minute” over and over again as he  asked me repeatedly. While this was occurring Isaiah (5) decided to mock every little thing my already anxious Avery said. Finally,  Avery got upset and said in a very cute, 2 year old voice ” THASS IT!!  Mom, I- a -ah is mockin’ me” then turns around and very sternly says “top it now”. We all immediately started cracking up and Avery didn’t like that at all. Two year old’s, they may be tiny, but they sure are smart and feisty. 
So last week I announced we are moving, and so far we have had no luck finding a home suitable for our brood. We are confident the LORD will show us one soon, but  working on my patience, not only with parenting, but also in things I cannot control. Finding the right home, when and where I want, is not easy. It’s a struggle but I am happy to say that I am growing in this area. We did, however, tour some pretty sweet homes! Tell me what you think of these….

IMAG0198 IMAG0199 IMAG0202-1

So obviously these are not ours but they were fun to tour and dream build in that day.

So no new update on baby Tafoya, mostly because I missed last weeks appointment. Avery had a strange allergic reaction late Sunday night… To what? We’re unsure. It all started when we were eating dinner and noticed his middle finger on his right hand was swollen and quickly spread to his entire hand. Now normally we try to refrain from going to the ER and stick to online help, calling friends who are nurses, or poison control. This time it was a little scary, so to the ER we went. He was inspected by the doctor on staff and the doc concluded that it was a possible bug bite and prescribed him some antibiotics. When we woke up the next morning we noticed his foot was swollen as well. We took him to our family doctor and we were told this time it was an allergic reaction. They prescribed him some benadryl and the swelling was gone after a day or so. Yippee! So due to all of this I had to cancel my appointment that morning and am now going in on Tuesday of this week. Hopefully I do not have any doctor visit stories to tell next week. We shall see….

As a mother we all know we need some time to relax and just chill. I was blessed with that opportunity with a ladies night out. A group of friends and I got together and watched a chick-flick, ate gourmet yummies, and indulged in Starbies (Starbucks) as my friend so eloquently put it! It was a perfect night in our jammies and some much needed girl talk. All the while our sweet husbands took on all of the kids by themselves so we could have our mommy time. Made for a great end to a not-so-bad week.


Milestones this week:

  • We are 27 weeks Prego!


We did tons of cooking this week!

I made butter! Never going back to store bought again! Comment for recipe! 971371_10201288298114338_1460665347_n

Learning to make tortillas with daddy! Red chili and Spanish rice with mommy!

IMG_20130606_221034 IMG_20130606_221057 IMG_20130606_221606 IMG_20130606_225140 IMG_20130606_230643

Until next time!





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