Doctors Visit!

I am currently a high risk patient due to some unexpected pre-term labor. Yippee! So because of this, I get frequent visits to the perinatal doc once a week (for now anyway).

This last week I visited the perinatal doctor to consult our current situation and the appointment at first went very well. We did the routine checks of blood pressure, weight, measuring belly etc. etc.  After all of the questions, samples and testings, I was told they needed to get me in for a last minute ultrasound so my cervix could be measured and we could come up with a game plan such as, cerclage, progesterone shots and bed rest. Yay! My kiddos were doing so well and I was prepared. I packed a tote full of snacks, juices, books and toys. I had plenty to hold them over for at least an hour. Well this appointment lasted much longer than that. We ended up being there 2 hours! Who does that to a pregnant woman with 4 children? Really!? REALLY!? Well I must say I am pretty proud of my “curlies”. They held out a whole two hours eating, playing and reading while mommy talked to the doctor and got poked and prodded. When we finally hit the waiting room things were… well lets just say the patience of a 2 year old can not be expected to last very long. We were in the waiting room maybe 20 minutes before he decided he was bored with the place, and decided to explore the doctors office. I chased him from behind the receptionist desk, to the bathrooms and back to the waiting room. Just as I got him to sit down and redirected his attention to a fun puzzle there in the office a fire truck, and an ambulance pulled up outside the office. He saw this and booked it for the door. As I struggled to quickly get up off of the floor and chase after him two adult couples just chuckled and watched him run by towards the fire truck and finally climbed up the truck! Now this may be just me, but if I had seen a mother with 4 children by herself pregnant chasing after her super cute 2 year old I wouldn’t just laugh at the situation. Nope! All I got was a laugh and some awkward stares. Like it’s totally unorthodox to have as many children as I do, or as if they were disobedient. No they are great kids who were cooped up in a doctors office for 2+ hours. By this time I was incredibly frustrated and told the receptionist I would call and reschedule for next week so the game plan for baby #5 will be continued……….

We had a pretty awesome week aside from the manic doctors visit, and I had a sweet time giving my 2 year old his first cooking lesson. He happens to love chocolate chip cookies and so that is what we made together. Out of all my children he has got to be the messiest and I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was extremely studious and careful in making these cookies. I was one proud mommy for sure.

My oldest 3 are now at the age where they can attend VBS so we signed them up this weekend and they could not be more excited! They have been doing the best they can to help mommy, just as the doctor instructed, and we even squeezed in a couple of naps. Woo hoo!

So with every good week there has to be a twist, right? At least in my world that’s how it works anyway. On Saturday morning we got word that our home was going to be sold and we had 60 days to find another one. We actually have incredible landlords who we love very much, and whom did not have to extend us this courtesy, but did. For that we are very grateful. They have been a huge blessing in our life and as retirement approaches the house has to be sold. We were already growing out of our cute little condo and were looking for a new home. Just not so soon. So with the 60 days, this brings us right up to our due date. So now we are on a super hunt for a home within the next couple of weeks, that way we can get settled and ready for baby to arrive. We have found a few really great prospects, and despite the rush I am actually excited to have more room. I’m pretty sure this was the Lords way of making us do what we needed to back when we new we were gonna have a new baby arriving.
So that is the news folks WE ARE MOVING!!

Milestones this last week

  • Avery Learned to bake cookies


  • We are now 26 weeks pregnant


  • We are moving



Here are a few fun photos from our week –

Baking Cookies
IMG_20130531_175434 (1) 

Home depot for moving boxes


26 Weeks!


Bible study with daddy and then  pedicures~


Until Next week!



2 thoughts on “Doctors Visit!

  1. I am praying for you as you go through this pregnancy! I’m so sorry the doctors visit was tough. I would have definitely tried to catch him for you if I saw that:) You are one strong Mom!

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