Shenanigans this past week!

Well this last week has been nothing out of the ordinary (at least for my household). I have had the standard kids fighting with one another, tattling for every tiny thing that one of them does wrong, and of course my favorite… my two year old ripping his diaper off and peeing in some odd area of my home that doesn’t include the bathroom. These few things that take place alone drain me mentally and emotionally and by the time 1pm hits, I am ready for my hubby to come home from work, and my kids to take their naps. Which 9 times out of 10 only 2 of them will do! In the midst of all of this chaos we have had some pretty sweet moments together. My oldest “Shia” has always been one to rise with the sun, she is such a morning person and is always ready for each day. Lately she has been wanting to get up early and have her reading time at the same time I am having my devotional time. It is so sweet to see her growing and maturing this way and even though we are in total silence I am enjoying these bonding moments I have with her. My two year old “Avery” although he is the cause of so much of the shenanigans that take place in this home, he also brings so much joy and laughter to us all. He comforts his sisters when they are sad or upset and will stand in the corner with his big brother when he is in time-out. When I lay down for a nap there he is right next to me. Often times he does this just to wait for me to fall asleep so he can sneak off and raid the snack cabinet. At which point that peaceful moment has ceased, but I still enjoy the quick moments we have of that sweet cuddling.

On Thursday last week, I had a doctors appointment to check up on baby Tafoya and things are going well with the baby, but not so well with me. I have been experiencing pre-term labor and am now going in for a high-risk consult to see what we can do to keep baby in there as long as possible. I chuckled when my OB instructed me to “take it easy” and try not to stress. I wanted to say, “do you see these curly-head cuties in the room with me? Yeah not happening!” but refrained from doing so. She was then so kind as to have a talk with my curlies, instructing them to be on there very best behavior and help mommy as much as possible. Immediately all four were on board and ready to help mommy, as any good willed child would. I left that appointment feeling pretty good. I then hurried home because my friend was dropping off her kiddos for a couple of hours and I needed to pick up a few things around the house. FYI: My house is never spotless! but for some reason when ever someone is coming over and I know about it, I hurry to make it look like it is. It is ridiculous if you ask me that I do this, but hey, what can a girl do? I still aim for it to at least appear like I’ve got it all together, when in reality KIDS LIVE HERE! Any how, I get all of the kids in the house then go back out to bring the luggage, aka diaper bags, purses, and totes in from the van. I walk into a house of my two year old now naked and a puddle of pee by the front door. I hurry to clean it up and the rest of my house, finally I get everything in order and right before the door bell rings he rips off his diaper and does it again. So I do the awkward “hey guys, sorry my son is naked and there is a puddle of pee right next to me, come on in…” So much for the pep talk from my OB. Thanks doc, but that just isn’t gonna fly with my free spirited 2 yr old.

By the end of the week I was so excited to have my hubby home for 3 days and a chance for me to have a little break from total mommy duty. Then a miracle happened we get a call Saturday morning from my amazing in-laws stating that they were on a spontaneous trip to San Diego and would like to take our older 3 kiddos with them. THANK YOU LORD! I just got a super break! So while my older 3 were off getting spoiled at Sea World, me and the hubby decided to have some quality bonding time with our ever so rambunctious Avery. We were like those cool parents who only have one kid and they can get ready in under an hour and had time to do so many fun things with him. We even made it to church on time! Which is saying a lot for the Tafoya clan. We hit up circle K first (that happens to be our favorite pit stop although QT is growing on us) and thought, “Oh how cool, we can all go in and it wont be super crazy.” boy were we wrong. Avery hit that store and wanted everything he saw, he was running from the snacks to the juices, and then the hot dogs and ended up getting all three. Because he did the infamous “get it for me I’m cute face” we ended up buying him two juices because he just couldn’t have the Diego juice bottle without the Dora. We had some fun in the backyard splashing around with him in his play pool, had a nice lunch, daddy had a nap for once, and I was actually able to catch up on housework. All in the first half of our day. Later we went to our Young Marrieds BBQ and then out to the DQ for some yummy Ice cream and Orange Julius’. This many things never happen in one day when we have our entire crew assembled and it was nice to bond with our little one, each other, and recharge our batteries.

In the midst of all it all, no matter how crazy things got, I hold on to the thought that “my kiddos are only little once and one day I am going to have grown men and women standing before me, so I try to cherish the moments now and hug and kiss my babies as much as I can”

***Milestones this last week –

  • We celebrated my hubby’s 27th birthday!
  • We are now 6 months Prego!
  • Avery built his first organized block building!

Here are a few photos from this last week. Enjoy!

IMAG0144 IMAG0145 IMG_20130521_215900

Happy 27th Birthday babe! We Skyped his parents and sang happy b-day as a family!


6 Months Prego! Avery is already a good big brother


His very first “organized” block building

.facebook_935367748 (1) .facebook_-1129578886 .facebook_-868932091 

Kiddos at Sea World! YAY!

IMG_20130527_125800-1 IMG_20130527_123513-1

We bought him Scooby snacks and he wouldn’t eat one because it was now a toy car 


He wanted both Dora and Diego with his hot dog. (same juice BTW)


Fixing his rocking horse with daddy 

IMAG0163-1 IMG_20130527_143458-1 IMAG0159-1

 Backyard fun in the pool 


We DQ’d something =)


Until next week




6 thoughts on “Shenanigans this past week!

  1. You’re doing a great job with your big family, Tany. Especially when I see you still have time to cook those wonderful looks-really-complicated meals! It’s a treat to let us see a slice of your life. Will pray for safe pregnancy. Keep posting & enjoy the rest of the week. 🙂

  2. You have been such an inspiration since high school. I’m so blessed to know you and it’s awesome to watch your family grow. Prayers for baby 5 and hope the kiddos can help out as much as possible. 🙂 love ya girl!

  3. I’m glad to see it isn’t just me! Congrats on the new addition, my fifth one came early so try and get some rest (even though the thought of rest us impossible…lol)

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